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I Help Family Oriented Men Create Affinity in their Relationships

Hi, I’m Santosh Acharya. I’m a Technocrat turned on to Psychology Geek.  I’m a Proud Family Man, a Husband, a Parent to 2 adults, an obedient Son to my Parent, a Curious, Problem solver, Creator, Coffee Lover, Life-Long learner, Food Maker, Engineer, Psychologist, Marketer.

Santosh Acharya Founder of Family Oriented Man

I Help married couples focusing on men struggling with stress, anger, anxiety & overwhelmed in marriage to transform the feeling of inspired life, a deep and loving connection with intimacy and passion, and the need to connect even more deeply with their partner, on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. I HELP MEN CREATE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM IN MARRIAGE.

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The future is changing, and we are already in the future.


I am always grateful for what I have, my parents, in-laws, my wife and children, and the people around me.


Early 2021, I had a chit-chat over tea with my family. My family includes my father, my wife Deepa, my Son Advaith, and my daughter Arunima.


My Son is 19 years old. He told me something that shook me. He said, “I will never get married.”


It came as a reply to what I said sarcastically. Some sweet arguments came up, and I said, “Once you will be a father, you will discover it.” And then came his reply.


There was absolute pin-drop silence as he said that, and his tone sounded a declaration than a reply.


We just dusted off the silence and carried on, but this set me thinking.

Later, I asked him in private, “Did you mean to say you won’t marry.” There was no response for some time, and he was thinking. I sat down on a couch in his room, waiting for the reply. Then he suddenly said, “I don’t see people being happy after marriage.” I waited for the rest to come. He said, “Are you happy in marriage?” I said, “Yes, I am!” He said, “But you and mama still fight!” 


Immediately, I sensed all the fights between us were visible and loud. It doesn’t mean there is no love. There is love, but no love was loud.


And what would everyone remember first, the love of the fight! The fights, right!


We have 21 years of togetherness. But our son had witnessed about 10+ years of disturbances, accounting for family problems. Those family problems accounted for my immaturity in handling business problems. Misunderstanding mount, no trust in conversations, and life was hell. It was expected of me to be perfect in all sense.


In 2010, I happened to come across two words “vicious circle.”


I discovered my problem. Now, I was looking for a solution. When the student is ready, the master arrives. I received a call from an old school friend. He said, “Santosh, what’s happening with you hope you are great.”


Without a second thought, in a thick tone, “No man! I am in deep shit.” I was upset but felt a deep relief as I said so. I attended the training, and something happened. I felt lighter and happier. There was some realization, which I couldn’t explain, but I was in tears. Since then, I started learning. I am a Life-Long Learner.


School Education can make you a Living; Self Education will make you a fortune.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
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