I’m Santosh Acharya.
I Help Men & Women Create Affinity in their Relationships

Hi, I’m Santosh Acharya. I’m a Technocrat turned on to Psychology Geek. As a Technocrat, I had run Companies, worked with teams, and people used to consult me for their problems. At first, I thought, my knowledge is what serves others. Later, I discovered that, its my experience that serves others. I’m a Proud Family Man, a Husband, Parent to 2 adults, an obedient Son to my Parent, Curious, Problem solver, Creator, Coffee Lover, Life Long learner, Food Maker, Engineer, Psychologist, Marketer My Mission I’m on a mission to help 100,000 Men and Women in Midlife achieve Affinity in Relationships using Essentialism.

It’s only when we stop hiding inside our skin, stop ‘looking good’, stop justifying, stop blaming and stop shaming ourselves and become vulnerable to our lights, the real strength to show up every single time becomes brighter than ourselves.

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Topics I Can Help You With


Glue in Relationship

Intimacy, both emotional and sexual, is the glue. So do you blame your partner or take responsibility for your spouse. 


Family Matters

Family is a mixture of  personality and preferences. At times, it can be overwhelming for members to keep up the frustration away.


Certainity in Words

Relationships are casual communications, and still hold key to what is being said & the meanings to it. A well articulated message may fail sometimes.


Identity Crisis

Who Am I? What’s my purpose? If you have come across such questions, it’s time to resolve you true identity to make life meaningful.


Trust Issues

If you are a person who doubt every person you meet, you should check whether the same applies to you when you confront your family member.


Self Compassion

Buying material objects and being perfect and expecting perfection all the time means that you aren’t compassionate at all.


Regain Confidence

Confidence once lost can be regained. Are you taking efforts to bring back your confidence or blame your circumstances. 


Rework Relations

You may feel you need to do something. But What? And consider you do, but it doesn’t work.

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