Ep-3 Married Men Create Emotional Freedom

By | Last Updated: 17 January 2024


Welcome to Family Oriented Man. As the name speaks, this episode is about men, especially married men. I encourage men and women equally to listen to this podcast is about married men, life, marriage, intimacy, sex, trust, love, compassion, resilience, habits, family, fatherhood, relationships, influence, growth, confidence, clarity, courage, and purpose.

I'm Santosh Acharya, your host, a relationship coach and a proud family man. Mostly our personal problems translate to other areas of life and show up as either relationship problems or visual problems or both. It's equally important to find a balance in all areas of life and the choice is ours to recreate new rules without offending others and finding peaceful self.

I am on a mission to help hundred thousand married men create emotional freedom in marriage. My definition of emotional freedom is being free from feeling like a victim and being controlled by our emotions.

We are emotionally free when we know how to learn from and manage our feelings so that we are not reactive to them and they don't control us. I help married couples focusing on men struggling with stress, anger, anxiety and overwhelmed in marriage, and going through the feeling of messed up life, feeling lonely and unhappy and struggling with finances and fatherhood.

These men wish they could make a difference in their relationship and career despite working hard to make it work. I use a method called Maps to transform the feeling of inspired life, a deep and loving connection with intimacy and passion, and the need to connect even more deeply with the partner on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

In short, I help men create emotional freedom in Man. This is my podcast teaser. It took literally years to find what I'm passionate about. It's my story of transformation that inspired me to create this podcast.

I have my own life struggles and stories just like you, but I have been working on my transformation for years. Breaking through those old school rules and beliefs was the most experiential learnings. There will be short podcast, long podcast, guest, and more, but I'm super excited about the process and about sharing the messages with you and with others.

Talk to you soon. Thanks for tuning into the Family Oriented Man podcast. If you haven't already, hit subscribe now so that you can receive notifications every time a new episode comes out.

And if you feel so inclined, leave a review on my Facebook group or share this podcast with someone who you think will get benefited from. I'm Santosh Acharya signing off. Talk to you soon. 

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Santosh Acharya is a coach dedicated to empowering married men in family relationships and personal growth. As the founder of Family Oriented Man, he creates courses and content that help men control their emotions and achieve their goals. Combining empathy, humor, and practical advice, Santosh's work resonates deeply with his audience. When not coaching, he enjoys spending time with his family.

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