Hi, I am Santosh Acharya

I’m a Technocrat turned on to Psychology Geek. I’m a Proud Family Man, a Husband, a Parent to 2 adults, an obedient Son to my Parent, a Curious, Problem solver, Creator, Coffee Lover, Life-Long learner, Food Maker, Engineer, Psychologist, Marketer.

The Santosh Acharya

Born & Raised in Mumbai

I was born in Mumbai, in a Brahmin Vishwakarma Family, and spent my childhood with my Mother and Grandma. Overprotected as a child, my mother was a disciplinarian. I had to go through punishments for silly things as a child. 


I tried hard to be the best in the school. I was in the 4th grade. I set a belief that the teacher favors the first in the class. And I found there is no meaning in burning my brains to come first.

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The Rebel In Me

As an adolescent, I used to be a Rebel - Always Angry, Righteous, Anxious, and always defensive. Rebels are very courageous. I wondered why we learned all these subjects. 

One day my biology teacher approved me to copy in a classroom test. Not because I was her favorite, but because she knew I was unprepared. Maybe, if I had opened my book ever, I could copy correctly.

What helped me sustain my life till here are my Grandma's Lessons in my childhood. Till 12 years of age, I had Grandma tell me stories, metaphors and life lessons, mythology, and about people around me. When my mother would scold me, my Grandma would explain why she said that, and I got relieved of what she said. 

So I became aware of my mother's second nature, the perspective of her fear and worries. At age 12, I was more interested in engineering than cricket. 

I Believed In Change

Every boy has a story. Most Boys Grow up with the expectation of fulfilling the unfulfilled expectations of the boy inside them.

They get a job, get married, and have children, but the boy inside them never stops expecting. They cave in as the boy becomes obvious. They get frustrated as their needs are unmet. They get obsessed when they lose something. They become a victim when someone talks about them. They prefer to hide when they have to take responsibility. They get pissed off when things get tough. 

Real Men overcome stories with experiences of growth and wisdom.

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