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Are you Unhappy & Struggling to find emotional freedom in marriage? If so, then predictive M.A.P.S. can help.

Helping Married Men Transcend Unhappiness In Marriage To Emotional Freedom

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I’m Santosh Acharya

I am on a Mission to help Married Men Transcend Unhappiness In Marriage To Emotional Freedom

Relationships are based on Science and accepting knowledge sets you free of your limiting beliefs and crowd critics. All the rules you follow, probably are setting you to failure.

Learn and Grow!

I’m always excited about what I do and where I am going. When you have an opportunity to be part of something special, seize it! It’s all about being curious and seeing things from other perspectives. That’s the only way we grow as people. “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, come with me.

Family Oriented Man

An Ideal Family Man is:

  • Wise – Being a Stoic and Contemplative Decision Maker
  • A Caregiver – Compassionate and Caring
  • A Great Father – Keeper of Order and sanity in a Chaotic World
  • A Provider – Filled with a mysterious character who turns things around with ease
  • A Hero – Strong and Perseverant with boundless ambition.
  • Cheerful – Light-Hearted and fun to be around

Maturity in Relationships starts when we understand smaller things, not when we talk big. We mature with the damage, not with the years. Have a relationship that’s mature enough to sit down and be like “look, this is our problem and this is how we’re gonna fix it.’’ 

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Relationship Coaching For Married Men

Relationship Coaching For Married Men Share This Post Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Hi. How many times does this happen to you that someone in your family gets upset with you? And you don’t know the reason why? And you want to correct it,

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